Be Careful: There Are Some Scam Operators Doing Windshield Repair In Phoenix

by admin on July 11, 2015

Summary: Always make it a point to remember that lucrative deals might not prove to be a safe option, always. You have to avail windshield repair phoenix, from reliable companies, to avoid scam.

extra article 2You have taken your car for a cleanup at carwash, and suddenly came across a person, offering you with free car windshield replacement offer. It sounds really odd, isn’t it? The windshield is quite in good shape, and it does not need much replacing at this point of time. According to the stranger, your chosen insurance company will pay the full amount for the car replacement area. On the other hand, the stranger might offer you with free movie tickets along with nice case bate, once you plan to replace your windshield. Be extra careful, as these are nothing but scam. It will not only play a serious safety hazard, but can even fleece your company, and finally help you to land in jail.

Avoid the scams for safety reasons

If you want to get rid of scams, you better start looking for the available options. There are various means, which are provided by windshield repair phoenix, as a part of scam.  Once you have gone through the options, mentioned below, you will understand and differentiate between the real; companies, and the ones, offering you with fake results.

  • Replace the undamaged windshield: During maximum instances, crooks are likely to convince the drivers that they need to replace the windshields, which are perfectly in good shape. They will convince your insurance company by lying to them that the windshield was seriously damaged and needs proper repairing. For the later stage, they will charge the insurance company without any reason and inflate the present repairing cost.
  • Inflate the real damages: Swindlers are likely to replace your expensive windshield, which was suffering from maybe a single and small crack, which can be repaired at less cost. They are likely to charge the insurers will several chips, even if they have repaired maybe, only one.
  • Charge extra for the phantom damages: There are certain con artists available, who will charge the auto policy for various types of windshield replacements, without even letting you know. After they have your insurance related information, you will remain at their mercy, even if they disappear one fine morning.
  • Services from fly by night operators: There are certain swindlers, who work as fly by night operators. They are known for their poorly trained facilities and they disappear suddenly after finishing off with the shoddy repair work. They make it a point to approach people in car wash areas an also in parking lots of some of the convenient stores.

The price you are likely to pay

If you fail to avoid the windshield repair phoenix scams, you are likely to pay a hefty price. No only you, but your insurance company will also pay a hefty blow, due to your mistake. Apart from facing a serious safety risk, you will see an increment in your auto premier bill. There are times, when you end up losing your auto insurance or can face some serious jail and fines. So, always make it a point to take help of reliable windshield replacement companies, like Phoenix Mobile Glass, for proficient results.

Will A Replacement Technician Replace My Stickers After Putting In A Windshield?

by admin on June 16, 2015

extra article 1Decorating your car can surely prove to be an easy option, as you have windshield stickers available from both retail outlets and online stores. Whenever you are in need of urgent windshield replacement or repair, there are chances that you need to get rid of the sticker, which is there on the object. Well, with reliable and renowned working professionals, you can always keep the sticker handy with you, even after replacing the old and damaged windshield with a new one. If only a little part of the object needs to be repaired, it can be done after keeping the stickers intact, in their areas. On the other hand, for full replacement other options are used.

Reliable companies have best solutions

Keeping the stickers in their places is easier if you need to repair a simple crack. You do not have to remove it together, and then place it again. However, with full replacement, you need to follow some significant steps, to replace the old one with the new glass and place the same windshield stickers, like before. Make sure to avail professional help for the same result.

  • Picking up the stickers with fingernails or peeling it off might damage both the stickers and the glass surface. Therefore, it is always advisable to take help of professional windshield replacement companies, which will use special sprays and chemicals for availing proficient results. They are going to spray chemicals on the stickers and leave the product as it is for few minutes. After a certain point of time, the stickers will slide down from the surface and will not leave any residue on the glass surface.
  • The adhesive might not work after taking down the sticker with chemicals, but reliable companies have the apt solution for that. They have the right adhesive, which is used to place the sticker back to its original place, without making any slight difference. The adhesive needs to stick well with the new changed glass shield. Therefore, they will take help of those adhesives only, which can work well with the replaced auto glass.
  • For clearing the stickers and placing it back on the new windshield, might cost you a little bit extra, when compared with the other repair or replacement services. If the cars auto segment is only repaired without even touching the sticker, then you are free from paying the additional cost. Well, the cost is quite minimal, and anyone can afford it without fail.

Using proper warm water

Apart from chemicals, there are some stickers, which can be taken off easily with warm water. The methods along with the solutions are going to be provided by none other than professional companies. They can offer you with windshield stickers replacement services with a little bit of extra payment. You can either opt for the single repairing service from reliable companies like Phoenix Mobile Glass or can book for the package, where sticker removal and replacement, falls under the same section. These are some of the proficient points, which make a reputed windshield replacement solution, a perfect example for many.

Phoenix, Arizona Windshield Repair Shops Are Plentiful

by admin on January 13, 2015

kw1Repairing your auto glass or replacing it should not be stressful. There is a wide number of Phoenix, Arizona windshield repair companies, both retail outlets and mobile auto glass services. The mobile services do not come with any additional charge, and you can either replace the damaged glass with a new one or can look for the replacement of the broken areas only. The reliable companies are now servicing various models and make, and with free online quotes, as well. You can avail those quotes within 24 hours, making it the fastest service ever.

Offering plethora of services

Depending on your chosen package, you are likely to avail some of the most proficient services. From replacement to repair, the companies make it a point to avail services of trained and certified workers only. Listed below, are some of the promising services, which you are likely to land up with while focusing towards windshield servicing companies.

  • Replacement of the windshield: The certified and trained technicians make it a point to install only the best and premium quality auto glass and with sealants. The primary aim is to ensure that the glass is working perfectly fine, as expected by the clients. The best part of reliable companies is that you will land up with same day repair and installation services, from these companies. It will directly bill to the insurance companies, and with national guarantee services.
  • Repair broken auto glasses: A chip of crack in the windshield area can be defined as a safety problem. Reliable companies are likely to inject some of the special adhesives, which can be filled in the damaged parts of the glass. Repairs are mostly covered by the company, with lifetime guaranteed service. The insurance companies are likely to waive the available deductible and cover cost of the repairs, without any pocket expense.
  • Mobile glass repair: With the help of mobile glass service, you can avail convenient replacement service and repairing structure. You can avail the right installation service, which can be availed in-shop, and with some of the added convenience. The companies are likely to offer online glass quotes, which can help the clients to understand the amount, paid for it.

Avail instant quotes

With a reliable Phoenix, Arizona windshield company, you can avail instant quote, within 24 hours a day. You can even select their mobile glass service without any additional cost, making it a lucrative offer for many. For the primary step, you need to get in touch with the online quote first and schedule an appointment with the professional, later. On the other hand, you have the liberty to get in direct contact with the professionals too, who can arrange the on-site glass repair services, without fail. You can schedule an auto glass appointment from Phoenix Mobile Glass, made online or by directly contacting the professionals. Moreover, you have easy payment options, which is another prominent point, which can be availed from this store.

How Do Windshield Defrosters Work?

by admin on July 12, 2014

Whenever the inside temperature of any object is warmer when compared with the outside temperature, it can cause the available water molecules to go through a significant procedure, stated as condensation. Moisture proves to everywhere, and you can see this even in a car, sitting in a car parking stand. Because of the additional interior items like seats, carpets and vinyl or cloth upholstery items, the metal surface of the outside metal body of the car is likely to get much colder, when compared with the interior platform.  A defroster can help to combat this situation, and it can help drivers to check the outside atmosphere from within and drive the vehicle, in a safe manner.

Avail the best defroster services

Nowadays, without proper defrosting material, your car might not work in a proper manner. There are so many positive options available, and you need to choose the best one, which matches your choice. Among so many options available, listed below, are some of the proficient ones, among the lot, to match the flexible mindset of people:

  • At this present moment, the majority of the cars are now taking help of front defroster, which comprises of vents. This segment of windshield defrosters, mainly takes help of the same blower motor along with fan, which is mostly used by the AC and heating element, inside the car. Here, the vents are mostly placed directly below the available windshield, and the mouth faces up towards the roof.
  • Whenever the coolant of the vehicle reaches the set temperature, thermostat tends to get open and hot air circulates through the available heater core. The blower fan will then direct the hot air towards the defroster fan and helps to warm the temperature of the windows. Therefore, now you can remove any form of defroster if it takes place, due to change of temperature.
  • Apart from blower type, there are certain cars available, which comprise of electric type examples. Nowadays, you will find the rear windows these cars coming up with tiny lines. These are mostly stated as electrical wires, which heats up profusely whenever current flows through those wires. With the help of this system, the resulting heat is likely to displace the condensation, on the interior part of windows, and can work towards the outside region only.
  • The available heating element associated with these electrical type heaters is quite low when compared to the burner. Therefore, human being can switch on the power of the electrical wires, without getting burned. The heating element is just enough to combat the available moisture built up taking place towards the window segment. These are wired with the car’s roofline, just under the headlights.


Important Arizona Windshield Laws To Know

by admin on December 22, 2013

kw2There are some states which require insurance companies in order to offer the drivers with separate glass endorsement.  On the other hand, the insurance companies are likely to focus towards the waiver as a significant part of the comprehensive insurance related policy. Therefore, if you are willing to file any claim, then you must have automobile coverage, from any of the insurance companies. Whenever you are in urgent need of any windshield replacement, you can be rest assured of the fact that you do not have to pay any single additional money, and leave the budget on these insurance companies. All these are covered by your insurance policy.

Filing for the insurance claims

You need to be acquainted with the special windshield laws and regulations, which can help you to file for the coverage and avail insurance policy, safely. Listed below, are some of the factors, which can make your file claiming procedure a less painful one, and can speed up the total procedure.

  • The available comprehensive insurance coverage can only affect windshield replacement when the damage is not from your side. It needs to be caused by any other driver, wildlife, vandalism or other forms of natural hazards. In case, you are found to be a major factor behind damaging the windshield, your claim might get denied at any point of time.
  • Being a comprehensive policyholder, you cannot increase the insurance rates after filing of any claim, associated with windshield replacement. This is a protective law from the state. However, this law is only applicable if the available windshield was vandalized or damaged when you are not at fault.
  • You need to file for the damage, as soon as possible, without wasting any time. The sooner you file for the claim, the faster result you are likely to avail. There are certain insurance companies available, which will help the claim holders to file for the cases online or by directly contacting the professionals. You can choose the best method you want and let the procedure starts.
  • You have to jot down the date of the initial claim, and you need to keep the records, intact with you. After you have filed for the claim, the available insurance policy is likely to have a thorough discussion with you regarding the policy coverage. They will be able to notify whether you can file for the coverage claim or not. In case, the claim is not covered, all the options will be thoroughly explained to the clients.

You need to be prepared

It is always advisable to be prepared with the right windshield laws in mind, and taking pictures of the damages, caused beforehand. This can act as a proof of the damage you are currently undergoing and can often term as a valuable source for claiming the file. The company is going to verify the condition of the windshield and will offer you with proficient insurance coverage, after that, as per the state and federal rules. You will probably need to have the insurance policy number along with proof of identity, in order to make your claim.

Does Insurance Really Mean I Get Free Windshield Repair?

by admin on June 12, 2013

kw3Replacing a windshield on your car can prove to be expensive. Depending solely on the model and make of the car, replacing any broken windshield can cost you a fortune, between $200 and $400. There are certain repair shops, where labor cost is likely to increase the present price of replacing the windshield. The products of older vehicles are likely to be more expensive, as finding the original parts prove to be a daunting task. Additionally, poorly fitted windshields are likely to create huge problems later. Therefore, solving everything right in the beginning can turn out to be a clever advice.

Free insurance claims or not

There are certain few states available, which maintain special statutes, which can mandate insurance coverage, associated with replacement windshields.  All the available auto insurance policies, in these states, cannot force the policyholders to use the available deductibles just to pat the repair or replacement of the windshield. For availing free windshield repair, you need to get in direct contact with the companies, and their working professionals, first.

  • In some states, drivers are asked to carry a comprehensive insurance policy for the vehicles, which are eligible to avail free windshield repair or replacement services. Some of the body shops and mechanics of these states also claim to advertize this service by offering certain available goodies. Their main aim is to lure the customers and offer you with positive results.
  • The owners of these requisite shops take the advantage of offering windshield replacement work, which they are performing but without paying the amount directly from their own pockets. They are way more likely to order for the replacement windshields preemptively. These companies are likely to join hands with the regular maintenance features, like tune up or oil changes.
  • After availing the free windshield repairing services, drivers feel that they have saved a lot of bucks and tend to incline towards the additional services, which these companies are willing to offer them with. Drivers, who are likely to carry the collision-only coverage, can be able to recoup the costing of the replacement or repair of the windshield services, only if they are found to be not guilty of the fault. For the initial stages, they might have to pay for the repairing services, right out from their pocket.

Comprehensive coverage might help

As per the points, as mentioned above, it can be well stated that only if you have comprehensive coverage and your glass is covered, you can avail free windshield repair service. However, you are asked to ensure detailed information about the cracks, before calling up the insurance companies. Take a picture or damaged windshield and keep it as a safe prove, which can act in your favor. Reliable companies will help you take advantage of your auto insurance coverage if the damage is proven to be made by any third party vendor, and not from your side. Then, you are likely to avail free auto insurance reimbursement, which can save a lot on your budget.

How To Find The Best Mesa Auto Glass Repair Companies

by admin on February 2, 2013

kw5There are high chances that it is your first time you are suffering from a broken or chipped windshield. This can be defined as a procedure, which people are not quite familiar with, and there are loads of questions, which might be popping up in your mind, right now. With so many options available, choosing the best windshield repairing or Replacement Company is nothing less than a challenge. What are the points, which you need to look for, before choosing the right auto glass repair companies? Well, for availing the right answer, your independent research is a must. There are various online professionals available, ready to help you to answer this question, with peace of mind.

Asking some proficient questions

There are certain questions which you need to ask any Mesa auto glass repair company that you’re considering, before planning to take their help. Through these questions, you will get to know more about the importance of their service and the right credential means, which these places hold. You are bound to ask certain questions to the company’s first, and opt for the final result, accordingly.

  • Are their services certified by AGRSS? AGRSS can be defined as an accredited standard development organization, which only provide a license to the companies, known for their good working credential and safety means. You need to choose the companies, which are accredited by this association or council and maintain the standards, as associated with replacing the auto glass services. The reliable companies are likely to adhere to the rules, more often.
  • What can be your safe drive away time? Safe drive away is stated to be the time, which is needed by an adhesive to reach the strength level. It is mostly associated in order to hold the windshield in its place, even when a crash occurs. The adhesive used for installing the windshield needs three hours of minimum standby time, before taking your car back to the roads. However, there are certain reliable companies, which can offer you with one-hour adhesive drive away time, which can save plenty of your time.
  • What are the safety norms available? You need to be aware of the safety norms, associated with your chosen windshield. The reliable companies are not only going to brace the passenger side airbag, but it can prove to play a proficient service in roof crush protective later. These are mostly associated with roll-over accidents. In case, the adhesive of the shield loses up, the safety can be in jeopardy.

Time for replacement or repair

It is not always mandatory to replace the entire old windshield with the new one always. Reliable companies are going to offer proficient service. no matter what you are looking for. One of the best Mesa auto glass replacement companies to consider is Phoenix Mobile Glass.